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Community Involvement

What does it take to assemble the improved road alternatives, from which one will be selected as the consensus choice? Lots of study and community involvement.

Whenever we change the use of our land, there are many concerns to consider. At the heart of these concerns is the impact of these changes on the communities that surround the corridor. There are social and economic impacts as well as visual and aesthetic considerations to factor into the plan.

To incorporate the community into the corridor study, Leon County will follow its Public Participation Program guidelines. The County will announce a meeting schedule to fully inform and involve the community, all interested citizens, government agencies and special interest groups in the planning and development of this project.

Citizens Advisory Committee








An essential component of the corridor study process is the Citizen Advisory Committee, appointed by the Leon County Board of County Commissioners. The Citizens Advisory Committee is made up of:(l-r) Joanie Trotman, chair, Fred Breeze, vice-chair, Douglas Barkley, PE, Mike Mendez, Winifred Heggins, Stan Peacock, and Mark Reichert .

The Citizens Advisory Committee participants are also members of the Project Team, which includes the County Project Manager and RS&H, the project’s engineering consultant. The Citizens Advisory Committee will be involved during the 11 steps of the project, as they collect public input and recommend transportation improvements to Bannerman Road.