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Q: My property backs up along Bannerman Road. I’ve seen surveyors along Bannerman. Does this mean the County is going to take part of my property?

 A: The Bannerman Road Corridor Study is a process for gathering facts about the corridor and designing feasible alternate corridor and roadway plans. At this time, there is no funding for or application for funding for construction. In the meantime, you may see surveyors working on or near property adjoining Bannerman. You might see soil samples being taken along the corridor. The surveying and soil testing is not necessarily an indication that your property is being studied for inclusion in the alternate plans for Bannerman Road. The survey information will be added to the existing surveys and included in the study documentation. All survey information will then be used in the study process to suggest several alternate designs for the corridor. Since there is no funding proposed for construction, there will be no proposals to purchase property until and if funding is proposed and ultimately granted. 

Q: Could I see a noise barrier as part of the design to protect the homes that back up to Bannerman Road?

A: The Bannerman Road Corridor Study will include a noise study to determine the potential noise impacts associated with each of the build alternatives.  The results of the noise study will help determine the need as well as the potential location and type of noise abatement features that would best suit the area.  We anticipate that the results of the noise study will be available for the next scheduled public meeting. For a Florida Department of Transportation guide to managing traffic noise, click here.

Q: Could we have a "bike-able" community?  Bicycle facilities are badly needed.  Bike lanes are preferred if speed is low and there are many intersections.  In sections with few intersections a multi-use path could be considered.  At intersections, a raised path should be installed to force crossing motorists to slow down. The bike lane should be separate from the roadway. Also I would like to see sidewalks. 

A: The County and Citizen’s Advisory Committee understand that pedestrian and bicycle safety is a priority for many residents along the Bannerman Road Corridor.  Alternative roadway designs that incorporate pedestrian and bicycle facilities are being considered as part of the Corridor Study.


Q: Can we have turn lanes to keep through traffic moving and allow turning vehicles to safely slow down and turn onto side streets?

 A: As a part of the Corridor Study, the study team is assessing the effect on capacity by providing left and right turn lanes at key intersections. The addition of turn lanes at key intersections is being analyzed to increase the level of service, increase safety and to help move turning vehicles out of the travel lanes.



Q: Can drainage be improved to prevent flooding? And can the horizontal and vertical geometry of the roadway be improved wherever possible?

A: The Bannerman Road Corridor Study is focusing on roadway capacity improvements as well as improvements to the drainage within the area.  A detailed stormwater analysis will be conducted to meet permitting requirements.  The preferred stormwater treatment method has not been determined at this time.



Q: I look forward to a 4 lane divided roadway with turn lanes that permit turns into neighborhoods without impeding traffic flow.  Can wider shoulders also provide a safer roadway?

A: The Bannerman Road Corridor Study is assessing the current and future capacity needs of the corridor.  As a part of the Corridor Study, a safety analysis will be conducted to assess the need for roadway shoulders.