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Project Overview

The Bannerman Road Corridor Study will produce a preferred roadway alignment for Bannerman Road, the approximately 4.6 miles between Thomasville Road and Meridian Road, shown in the map below.

The preferred alignment will be agreed upon by the Citizens Advisory Committee  and the Board of County Commissioners. The steps required to achieve the preferred alignment will be included in this study, which will be in compliance with the Leon County Comprehensive Plan.

The study will identify needed improvements throughout the corridor such as the addition of travel lanes, additional turn-lanes or turn-lane storage, bicycle lanes and pedestrian facilities. It will include an evaluation of alternative alignments and their potential impacts along the corridor. Alternatives will be compared to the base-line or no-build alternative.  Impacts associated with each alternative will be identified and quantified to most effectively avoid and minimize the impacts to homeowners, wetlands and other important features along the corridor.

The study will provide documented information necessary for the County Commission and Citizens Advisory Committee to reach a decision on the type, design, and location of an improved Bannerman Road. It will consider all factors related to its design, including alignment options, transportation needs, social impacts, economic factors, environmental impacts, and an engineering analysis.

The study will develop detailed requirements for preliminary design, including existing and forecasted traffic conditions, right-of-way requirements, environmental impacts, and costs of the alignment options.

Current Project Status

See the current status of the study.

The Engineering Team

Leon County and the Prime Engineering Consultant for the Bannerman Road Project, RS&H, are working hard to identify, quantify, avoid and minimize impacts along Bannerman Road while providing for safe and efficient movement of people and goods from Thomasville Road to North Meridian Road.  RS&H has contracted with several subconsultants who provide specialized expertise in each of their disciplines.  The Project Team Logos are shown below: