Bull Headley Sidewalk Project

Bull Headley Sidewalk Design Plans 100% Completed

A new 6-foot concrete sidewalk will be installed along Bull Headley Road from Chadwick Way to the Bull Headley Boat Ramp. As part of this project, Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) will be installed at the Bull Headley Road/Chadwick Way intersection to increase pedestrian safety. These pedestrian signs are equipped with high-visibility flashing lights that are activated through a pushbutton. RRFBs improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety by providing a real-time warning to motorists when pedestrians and bicyclists are in, or are about to enter, the crosswalk. 


This sidewalk extension will provide pedestrian connectivity between the boat ramp, neighborhoods surrounding Bannerman Road, and local schools. Design for this sidewalk project has been completed. Construction is anticipated to begin in spring 2023.

Bull Headley Road facing north to the boat ramp. The future Bull Headley sidewalk will be installed on the west side of the roadway.

Did you know? Florida state law requires all vehicles to stop and yield to pedestrians and bicyclists crossing the roadway at marked crosswalks.

Project Map