Bannerman Road Final Engineering Report (FER)

Completion of the technical analyses included in the FER represents a significant milestone for the Bannerman Road project and includes field survey, intersection evaluation, environmental assessment, and stormwater planning. 

What is a Final Engineering Report?

A FER is used to develop and evaluate alternatives for transportation projects. The report compiles the technical analyses and information necessary for the government agency to select recommended alternatives for the project. The recommended alternatives from the FER are subsequently used in the design phase to develop detailed engineering documents.

The Bannerman Road FER includes:

  • Recommended roadway typical sections from Quail Common Drive to Meridian Road
  • Recommended intersection improvements for key intersections along the corridor
  • 15% conceptual design plans
  • Technical traffic analyses

Recommended Roadway Typical Sections

The improvements to Bannerman Road recommended in the FER include the planned widening from Quail Common Drive to Preservation Road, medians, and multimodal facilities throughout the corridor, and the recommended improvements are consistent with the direction received from the Intergovernmental Agency Board of Directors at the September 17, 2020 meeting.

Segment 1: Meridian Road to Preservation Road

A 2-lane curbed roadway with 11-foot travel lanes, raised median and turn lanes, a 10-foot multi-use path, and 5-foot paved sidewalk.

Segment 2 & 3:  Preservation Road to Quail Common Drive

A 4-lane curbed roadway with 11- foot travel lanes, raised median and turn lanes, and a 10-foot multi-use path along each side of the roadway.


Recommended Intersection Improvements

Four intersections along Bannerman Road were evaluated to determine the feasibility of traffic signals and roundabouts. Traffic signals are recommended at Bull Headley Road and Tekesta Drive due to high traffic levels and space limitations. A single-lane roundabout is recommended at Meridian Road to improve traffic flow and provide safety benefits. Preservation Road does not warrant a traffic signal or roundabout due to low traffic levels; improvements at this intersection include a free-flow right-turn lane which will improve traffic operations.

Tekesta Drive Intersection

Bull Headley Road Intersection

Preservation Road

Meridian Road Roundabout

What’s Next?

Using the data and technical analyses compiled in the FER, design will continue on the Bannerman Road improvements throughout 2022, with a goal of beginning construction in 2024.