UPDATE: Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) and signs are being installed at the Beech Ridge Trail and Bannerman Road roundabout to promote pedestrian safety!


RRFBs are in the process of being installed as shown in these photos at the Beech Ridge Trail and Bannerman Road roundabout.

Recent Events

The Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency (Blueprint) has begun several preliminary roadwork activities along the Bannerman Road corridor to include:

        1. Wetland Delineation: This field survey will determine the location of wetlands throughout the Bannerman Road corridor.
        2. Control Survey: This survey will establish the alignment of the Bannerman Road widening project. Work will be performed beginning at Quail Common Drive and proceed west.

Survey work has been completed along Bull Headley Road north of Chadwick Way in preparation for the future sidewalk extension.

About the Project

As approved in 2014, the Northeast Connector Corridor: Bannerman Road project includes the widening of Bannerman Road from Thomasville Road to Tekesta Drive, as well as multimodal and stormwater improvements from Tekesta Drive to North Meridian Road. The Northeast Connector project also includes construction of three sidewalk projects in the neighborhood surrounding Bannerman Road, and expansion of the Greenways System by constructing the Meridian Road Trail from Bannerman Road south to Lake Overstreet.

Based on the results of a Traffic Feasibility Analysis, which examined future traffic capacity and supporting infrastructure needs along the Bannerman Road corridor, the project was expanded in September 2020. To mitigate future traffic congestion, improve safety, and increase multimodal accessibility, the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency Board of Directors approved widening Bannerman Road to four lanes from Thomasville Road to Preservation Road, and adding a median and turn lanes to the two-lane roadway from Preservation Road to Meridian Road.

Project Location Map

The Bannerman Road corridor is approximately 4.2 miles long. The project area has been delineated as follows, including currently approved improvements:

  • Segment 1: North Meridian Road to Preservation Road (Construct a median and turn lanes to support two-lane roadway with multimodal and stormwater improvements.)
  • Segment 2: Preservation Road to Tekesta Drive (Widen to four-lanes with multimodal and stormwater improvements.)
  • Segment 3: Tekesta Drive to Thomasville Road (Widen to four-lanes with multimodal and stormwater improvements.)

Project Snapshot

Project Snapshot can be downloaded as a PDF using the button to the right, or as a JPEG by clicking the images above.

Upcoming Community Engagement

This project will include wide-ranging community engagement opportunities to provide and receive information from concerned citizens, homeowners associations, and elected and appointed officials. Upcoming community engagement opportunities are listed below. 

For more information, please visit the Community Engagement page of this website. 

Bannerman Road